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The Irony of Paywalled Articles Is They Can Be Made Open Access for Free

Scott Jacques & Eric L. Piza (2022) Originally published in March 2022 edition of ACJS Today. Reproduced with permission. The field of criminal justice (CJ) uses research, education, and outreach to make the world better. CJ scholars have become increasingly concerned with applied science, whereby research findings are widely disseminated…

How Can Embedded Criminologists, Police Pracademics, and Crime Analysts Help Increase Police-Led Program Evaluations? A Survey of Authors Cited in the Evidence-Based Policing Matrix

Eric L. Piza, E., Jason Szkola, & Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill, K. (2021) Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 15(2): 1217-1231. Research BriefOpen Access Post PrintPublished Article Key Takeaways Lack of support from leadership and mid-level managers identified as most damaging factors to police researchCrime analysts identified as easiest to incorporate…

The Criminogenic Effect of Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver, Colorado: A Microsynthetic Control Quasi-Experiment and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Connealy, N., Piza, E. and Hatten, D. (2020) Justice Evaluation Journal, 3(1): 69-93 Published Article (Open Access) Study Abstract The study analyzed the criminogenic effect of legalizing recreational marijuana dispensaries in Denver. Street segments with recreational dispensaries experienced no changes in violent, disorder and drug crime but did experience an…

The Sensitivity of Repeat and Near Repeat Analysis to Geocoding Algorithms

Haberman, C., Hatten, D., Carter, J. and Piza, E. (2021) Journal of Criminal Justice, 73: 1-12 Open Access Post PrintPublished Article Study Abstract Purpose: To determine if repeat and near repeat analysis is sensitive to the geocoding algorithm used for the underlying crime incident data. Methods: The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police…

Modern Policing using ArcGIS Pro

by Piza, E. and Baughman, J. Redlands, CA: Esri Press. (In Progress, Under Contract) PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Book description to be added soon.

Risk Terrain Modeling: Seasonality and Predictive Validity

Szkola, J., Piza, E. and Drawve, G. (2021) Justice Quarterly, 38(2): 322-343 Published ArticleOpen Access Post Print Abstract: This study focuses on crimes involving firearms in Baltimore, Maryland to answer three research questions concerning the effect of seasonality: 1) Do changes in the seasons affect which spatial factors are significantly…

Identifying Situational Determinants of Police Use of Force: A Systematic Social Observation of Body Camera Footage in Newark, NJ

2019-2020Funder: Charles Koch Foundation, Criminal Justice &Policing Reform Program($110,000) Principal Investigator: Eric L. Piza Co-Principal Investigator: Victoria A. Sytsma Project Overview This project is an applied research partnership between the Newark Police Division and a multi-university research team. The research involves the systematic viewing, coding, and analysis of body-worn camera…

Risk Terrain Modeling for Spatial Risk Assessment

by Caplan, J., Kennedy, L., Barnum, J.* and Piza, E. (2015) Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research, 17(1): 7-16 Published Article PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Article description to be added soon.

Risk Terrain Modeling for Strategic and Tactical Action

Caplan, J., Kennedy, L., Piza, E., Marotta, P.* (2014) Crime Mapping & Analysis News: A Police Foundation Publication. Issue 1 Published Article (Open Access) PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Article description to be added soon.

Spatial Risk Factors of Felonious Battery to Police Officers

by Caplan, J., Marotta, P.*, Piza, E., and Kennedy, L. (2014) Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, 37(4): 823-838. Research BriefOpen Access Post PrintPublished Article PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Article description to be added soon.

Is the Punishment More Certain? An Analysis of CCTV Detections and Enforcement

by Piza, E., Caplan, J. and Kennedy, L. (2014) Justice Quarterly, 31(6): 1015-1043 Research BriefOpen Access Post PrintPublished Article *This study was funded by the National Institute of Justice (grant number 2010-IJ-CX-0026) Key Takeaways Overall, calls for service exhibited shorter dispatch processing times than CCTV detectionsCCTV detections experienced higher case…

Saturation Foot Patrol in a High-Violence Area: A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation

Piza, E. and O’Hara, B. (2014) Justice Quarterly, 31(4): 693-718 Research BriefOpen Access Post PrintPublished Article Key Takeaways The Newark, NJ Police Department deployed a team of foot patrol officers in a 0.25 sq. mi. target area from 6pm-2am on a nightly basisThe evaluation measured the effect of the foot…

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